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A DREAM and Beyond

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Krity Jain

ISBN: 9781618134295

Pages: 87, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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About Book: Only a few ponder over the question “What is the sole purpose of life?” and fewer among them are able to straighten these question marks into exclamations! The book “A DREAM and Beyond” is a story about a person alike us who’s mind is bombarded with impressions. It narrates how she is completely lost and entangled in the complexities of the world showcased by the dream that is “Life” itself, and how she finds a way out.

About Author: Krity Jain is a B-Tech Graduate and an IT professional in a reputed firm. She was the co-founder of the Literary Society of her college and is an active Volunteer of the NGO- Art of Living. Almost everything inspires her to write. She has an outstanding artistic expression which makes the reader too get a glimpse of the world she sees.