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Deep Shikha

ISBN: 9781618135230

Pages: 129, 5×8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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About Book: Anurodh is an anthology of poems based on all those simple yet significant aspects of life, which have lost their relevance in modern times, due to inadequate attention or deliberate ignorance. It tries to display plight of a child who wants to work, of a boy who wants to live his own dreams, of a girl who wants to say a loud “NO” to happenings against her will. This book exposes the hollowness of our society and politics but at the same time it remains optimistic for better developments. It urges to take individual steps to bring silent revolution.

About Author: Deep Shikha is an admirer of all languages including Hindi. Her admiration for Hindi is because she deeply believes that Hindi not only has a very rich literature but also it appeals strongly to our emotions as it our mother tongue. Her wish is simple- to keep our childhood innocence intact by appealing to our emotions and rationale in our mother tongue, which is slowly losing its sheen.