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The Intern CEO

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Kunal R Sarpal

ISBN: 9781545712849

Pages: 73, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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About Book: The intern CEO is a read and is directed for the aspiring lawyers, CAs, CSs, CWAs, Medical professional, consultants and every other professional under the sun. It is a 50 tip guide on how to be valued, contribute and rock it as a simple intern. How to have the CEO level impact is what I aim to shape you through this book. This book is written in paragraphs, explaining one tip at a time. I have included relevant examples, case studies and bonus quotes to facilitate easy and speedy understanding. At every place I have interned at, I have been offered a job/position and people have extended my internship tenure in each and every case. Yes, it does happen. So, how does this work? Kunal, enough of the banter and beating around the bush, its time you spill your beans. So, here goes…

About Author: Kunal is a leading lawyer specializing in Corporate law, Tax and Intellectual Property law matters & is a sought after professional for early stage companies and startups. His firm White Collar Legal LLP, in its category is ranked in the top 10 national ranking for 2016-17. He is a visiting faculty with Flame University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, MIT and with the Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs among others. Kunal is also a Tedx speaker, a polyglot (speaking 7 languages)