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Kagaz Ke Pankh – Ek Sankalan

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Kanishk Devesh, Srishti Singh

ISBN: 9781618137449

Pages: 164, 5×8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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About Book: Kagaz ke Pankh is an initiative, for whom the pen is their companion, who are passionate about poetry and writing despite the fast pace of their life. The compilation had begun with one thought, and then gradually the caravan of the passengers started. This journey leads us to the discovery of diversity of not just the places but also of the thoughts. This creation is a way for people to realize our hidden talent which, until now, was unrecognized. We hope that this creation would be supported by your love.

About Author: Kanishk Devesh Sharma is the creator of this poetry series, who laid the foundation of this creation through his will and determination. Due to his efforts, he formed a group of excellent poets who gave their dimensions to “kagaz ke pankh”. Kanishk, who is associated with legal background, has immense interest in poetry and writing and is also working to fix the plans of successes in this field,. This is his first creation as a poet.