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Queen of Swords – Passion, Murder

315.00 250.00

Christine Dsylva

ISBN: 9781545729953

Pages: 272, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

Print book: Rs.250 + Shipping (Delivery in 7-9 working days)

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About Book: When intelligent, beautiful Ishilla meets Veer there is instant attraction. But Veer is harbouring a secret that could mar their relationship. Will Ishilla find love or will she be a victim of a dangerous, cruel game that could cost her life?

About Author: Christine D’Sylva says that writing is her real love for through her books, she wishes that more people would read and enjoy losing themselves in the magical world of books. A B. A in Psychology and Sociology, a Master’s in Sociology, a Bachelor’s degree in Education(B.Ed), she also enjoys playing the piano and canvas embroidery. This is her fourtheenth book, the other’s being, A Leap to Christian Faith,Footprints in the sand, Bollywood Princess, To snare a killer, The Stalker,Vanished, Burn,Lonely hearts,Web of Deception,Maze of Betrayal,Deceitful Charm,Bollywood Twillight and Kidnapped.