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The Godmen

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Iqbal Singh

ISBN: 9781618136596

Pages: 93, 5×8, Others
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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About Book: This book is dedicated to the holy soil of Punjab and to every mother of my country who sow the seeds of courage and hardwork in our generations. This book is dedicated to the real Godmen, the Farmers, and the people who feed the whole world but are always kept deprived of what they deserve. Despite the hardships they face, they can be seen smiling all the time. Their passion and hardwork deserves a big salute. May God Bless these sons of soil!

About Author: Iqbal is an aspiring poet and this is his first book. The combination of his hardwork and talent has resulted into this beautiful poetry book. Currently he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Science but writing poems is his passion and he looks forward to devote full time and attention to poetry. He is working really hard to master this finest form of art. As I know him from a long time, I can say one thing that he is very humble and punctual in real life. I hope the readers will enjoy reading this book.