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The Life Off

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ISBN: 9781545723852

Pages: 56, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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About Book: As I had lost my friend at which she even don’t like to see my face. Now I don’t have dare to talk at her face. So I don’t know how to tell her the reason for my voice that i had raised on her. Then I just had a thought that to ask her apologize in this form. And I’m hoping that she will accept my Sorry. And forgive me for last time. She is my Best Friend Forever. I thank to my parents for being with each and every step in my life. Either I’m failed or succeeded thanks for accepting me. You are the best people I would never leave. And dad please have a hope on this son. Sure he will make you to feel proud.

About Author: My name is Chakri and you are just reading my first book which stuffed with my feelings, my life and specially all my sadness that I had and I’m experiencing in my life. OK! Know about myself before starting this journey. I’m 17 years lonely sad boy born on 26-2-2001 in South India. Born as poor but never die as same. From my small age as I’m interested in writing poems and song lyrics which made me like this. I want to thank to my special friend who had given me a purpose as I’m writing this story cause of her. And this book contains all my 16 years fiction and nonfiction life experience which includes all my failures and success till now.