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The Timeline Scrolls of a Spiritual Seeker

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Salim Ahamed Kannu

ISBN: 9781545719954

Pages: 86, 6×9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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About Book: God shows His signs in the farthest horizons and in the inner heart of the individual. Every human achievement or external knowledge is a blessing from Him. True knowledge lies where the internal ocean meets the external ocean; where the esoteric meets the exoteric. A blessing is turned evil where one fails to see human achievements in the light of inner knowledge. It is natural that the forces that extinguish the inner light are at work by severing it from its source. You will find this central idea while unfolding the scrolls of this Timeline.

About Author: Salim Ahamed Kannu, the author, has no other book to his credit. The bits and pieces in the scrolls of his writing are spread out in a book,”The Timeline Scrolls”. His views are expressed in a bold and assertive language, like the excerpt below. “Of Consciousness: In the write-up, “Evolutionary Thoughts”, I had mentioned two types of organisms namely, the instinctive and the conscious. The organisms that come under the instinctive category preserve their genetic ingredients by speciation through exclusion, segregation and drift, thus accounting for a large number of related species in them that could be classified into genus, family etc.